The UChicago undergraduate experience is unlike any other. It prepares our students to communicate, engage and shape the world in distinct and powerful ways. But how does this happen?

IT’S IN OUR CORE is a storytelling series that seeks to answer that question by showcasing the unique programming, environment and intellectual culture that sets UChicago apart.

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“At UChicago, we don’t do anything halfway. If you’re going to get an education, you’re going to get a serious education. If you’re going to hang of piece of artwork in your room, it’s going to be a Picasso.”

—CLASS OF 2026

This place means it when they say you have the freedom to explore whatever interests you academically. My major is a pretty unique combination—astrophysics and anthropology—at any other school I would have had to choose between the two.

—CLASS OF 2024

After office hours, I found myself in a doorway, waiting out a downpour with my professor—and we just began having a philosophical discussion about life while we waited for the rain to subside. I thought to myself, this is a true UChicago moment, and felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being at this institution.

—CLASS OF 2026

Our house system, while very Hogwarts-like, also means that as soon as you get here you have a community already. I love all of my housemates. I spend so much time with them, if anyone needs help with absolutely anything, we can always just rely on each other and just talk it out.

—CLASS OF 2027

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